Men’s Nose Hair Waxing – Worth It or Dangerous?

nose hair waxing

Are the benefits of nose hair waxing worth the risks?

Do you feel a tickling in your nose or even have nose hair visibility sticking out of your nose? These are signs that it may be time to do something about your overgrown nose hairs. One of the most effective and long lasting ways to remove nose hair is by waxing.

nose hair waxing

Waxing nose hair is a cosmetic service that involves using melted, hot wax to remove unwanted hair from the nostrils. It is generally best to have your nose hairs waxed by a professional, as it can be difficult to reach all of the hair and avoid irritation or injury when doing it yourself. 

However, if you prefer to wax your nose hair at home, it is a relatively easy procedure, so long as you’re careful and follow instructions.

How Much Does Nose Hair Waxing Cost

nose hair waxing

The cost of nose hair waxing with a professional can vary depending on your location and individual salon’s prices. On average, nose hair waxing at a barber or salon will cost anywhere from $10 to $30. Higher end salons may charge a bit more.

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How to Wax Your Nose at Home

nose hair waxing

There are several at-home nose hair waxing kits available on the market. They are fairly easy to use, just make sure to follow the instructions carefully and be gentle to avoid any accidents or injuries. The old saying of ‘less is more’ is certainly applicable when it comes to waxing nose hair.

Here is a general outline of how to wax your nose hair at home:

nose hair waxing

  1. Purchase a nose waxing kit or gather the necessary materials, including hot wax and an applicator. Popsicle sticks or Q-tips can work.
  2. Clean the area around your nostrils with a mild soap and water. Dry the area thoroughly.
  3. Heat the wax according to the instructions on the package. Be careful not to burn yourself.
  4. Scoop up wax onto the end of the applicator and apply a small amount just barely inside the circumference of your nostril. Squeeze the sides of the nostril together to help dry and stick to as much hair as possible.
  5. Let wax sit and harden in your nose for 2-3 minutes. You can do one nostril at a time or both at the same time and breathe through your mouth.
  6. When wax has hardened, quickly pull the applicator out in one swift motion to grab as much hair as possible and minimize pain.
  7. Clean off all the leftover wax with warm soap and water. Dry and apply moisturizer to your nostrils.

Does Waxing Your Nose Hair Hurt?

nose hair waxing

Nose hair waxing can be painful, especially if you are sensitive to pain or have particularly thick or stubborn hair. You may feel a stinging sensation and have watery eyes after the wax is pulled. The pain is only temporary and fades within a few minutes. It’s advised not to grab too much hair at once and just limit the wax to the hair on the very outer edge of your nostrils. You can always go back and do a little touch up if needed.

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Is Waxing Your Nose Hair Dangerous?

nose hair waxing

You may have heard that waxing your nose hair can be dangerous, and there is a bit of truth to that. If hair is not removed properly, you risk ingrown hairs which can lead to bumps, itchiness, or infection.

Your nose hair may be small and hidden but they serve a good purpose of keeping bacteria from entering your nose, reducing risk of infections like staph and meningitis. Removing too much nose hair can increase the risk of these bad toxins entering your sinus or even your brain. 

When waxing nose hair, the goal is not to have a completely bald nose, only removing the hair near your nostrils. If you are not comfortable or confident in your ability to wax your nose hair at home, it’s probably a good idea to go to a barber or salon. The procedure should only take 5-10 minutes (not including the wait) and is relatively inexpensive.

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