Gua Sha for Men for a Slimmer Face and Sharper Jawline

guasha for men

Gua sha for men is quickly becoming one of the hottest new trends in skincare, although it is quite far from being a new technique. This ancient Chinese practice has been used for thousands of years and is said to be beneficial for skin tightening, sharpening the jawline, and improving overall complexion. 

What is Gua Sha?

gua sha for men

Gua sha is a traditional Chinese healing practice that involves scraping or massaging the skin with a smooth, flat gemstone tool. The repeated massaging of the skin brings out temporary red streaks known as petechiae.

guasha for men

If you’re ever traveling in China and you see someone who looks like they might have been attacked by a very large stingray on their back, fear not– they most likely have a cold or headache and just wrapped up a gua sha treatment.

Stimulating petechiae helps improve blood circulation, reduce puffiness and inflammation, and improves the overall appearance of the skin. Additionally, it can help to strengthen muscles, increase the elasticity of the skin, and tighten the skin around the jawline. 

Aside from outer skin benefits, many people use gua sha for health benefits like lymphatic drainage which can help reduce puffiness, tenseness, fatigue, muscle soreness, excessive sweating, and headaches. 

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How To Use Gua Sha

Once you’ve picked your gua sha tool, make sure it is washed and clean before using it on your face. The last thing you want is to rub dirt and oils into your skin. It’s also best to do gua sha right after washing your face and applying your moisturizer.

Leave a bit of excess moisturizer or facial oil to act as lube for your gua sha tool. Start at the base of your neck right above your collarbone and glide the stone upwards to your jawline and chin.

Follow the natural curves of facial structure exerting enough pressure to see a bit of redness but not cause any pain. Repeat this motion 5-10 times on each location, covering your whole neck. 

You can use the indentation on the stone to gently massage your complete jawline, from your chin to your ears, as if you were sharpening a knife.

Next, glide the gua sha stone in an upwards motion from your jaw to your ears and over your cheeks to your temples. Think of it as ironing your face, always scooping the skin in an upwards motion like a face lift.

Make sure to be gentle on the areas under the eyes since the skin under your eyes is very sensitive. Too much pressure and tugging can actually cause more wrinkles and loose skin. 

Finally, take the gua sha stone and massage your forehead from your eyebrows to your hairline in an upward motion. Lift your skin outwards and upwards. This will help with a saggy forehead and eyebrows that give you a tired or angry look.

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Types of Gua Sha Stones


guasha for men

The most popular and common gua sha for men and women tool is jade. The natural cooling features of jade helps promote the blood’s circulation while reducing puffiness and brightening your complexion. Continuous use will help prevent wrinkles and improve skin elasticity. 

Rose Quartz

guasha for men

Rose quartz is another commonly used stone, especially in the beauty industry. This pink gemstone softens your skin and makes it brighter and tighter. The gentleness of the stone helps erase fine lines and wrinkles, and leaves your complexion with a luminous glow. 

Black Obsidian

guasha for men

Black Obsidian is a favorite gua sha for men tool known to help tighten pores as well as remove toxins and impurities. It’s great for congested, blemished skin. Regular use can help prevent breakouts and reduce fluid tension and puffiness.  


Amethsyt is a great gua sha stone for men to help inflammation and has a gentle, cooling effect. Using this stone can help tighten pores and leave a younger, brighter complexion. It can help remove dead skin and help the blood circulation on your face to improve elasticity and prevent sagging. 

Gua Sha Roller

guasha for men

Gua sha tools have typically been hand-held, smooth chunks of precious, though other forms of gua sha tools have been growing in popularity. Using gua sha rollers has been a growing trend and convenient way of getting in your daily gua sha facial massage.

Gua Sha Rollers vs Hand Stones

Gua sha rollers offer the advantage of a rolling motion, which can be more comfortable and easier to use for some individuals. The rolling action allows for a broader coverage of the face or body, making it convenient for larger areas.

Handheld stones, on the other hand, offer more versatility in terms of angles and pressure. The flat surface of the stone allows for targeted pressure and precise scraping strokes on specific areas.

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Gua Sha Results

You may begin to see results from gua sha just after just a few massages. It is recommended to gua sha once a day for best results and at a minimum of three times a week. It doesn’t matter much if you do it morning or night.

A gua sha massage in the morning will help reduce swelling from sleeping and have your face looking tighter and less bloated. Gua shaing in the evening can help you relax and relieve the tension from the day, as well as allow your bedtime skin care products to absorb better.

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