The Best Padded Underwear For Men: How To Wear

Padded Underwear For Men

Are you lacking in the posterior area? If you’re tired of avoiding form-fitting pants due to the risk of exposing your flat butt, one solution is padded underwear for men. Now I know what you may be thinking, those are for women or drag queens but no– padded underwear, or butt pads, are definitely a thing and growing in popularity.

Padded underwear for men have made a lot of improvements and are now ultra discreet and comfortable, making them an instant, easy fix for a flat butt.

Why Wear Padded Underwear

Padded Underwear For Men

Men wear butt pads for various reasons. Mainly they aim to enhance their body proportions, just like women. Butt pads create the illusion of a fuller and rounder buttocks, helping you achieve a more aesthetically balanced figure. 

Some men only wear butt pads when wearing more form-fitting outfits like tailored trousers, fitted jeans, or shorts. Butt pads can also just be a confidence booster for men who feel self-conscious about having a flat, shapeless bottom. Plus, women seem to find a more prominent butt over a flatter one on a man more attractive.

Types of Padded Underwear For Men

Padded Underwear For Men

Butt pads for men typically come in an underwear form in both tighty whities and boxer briefs styles. Depending on the design, butt pads can usually add 1-3 inches to your rear end.

Foam/Sponge Butt Pads: Foam and sponge pads are lightweight, breathable, and easily adaptable. They provide a natural look and feel, molding to the contours of the body. These pads are often inserted into specialized pockets within undergarments or clothing, ensuring a secure and discreet fit.

Silicone Butt Pads: Silicone pads offer a more realistic feel and appearance. They mimic the texture and density of natural buttocks, providing a firmer and more defined shape. These pads are commonly built in padded underwear, giving you a seamless and undetectable enhancement.

Best Padded Underwear for Men

Rounderbum Men’s Underwear

best padded underwear for men

These butt boosting underwear provides uses anatomic technology and polyurethane foam padding to help enhance and contour the buttocks while molding to your body shape. It has 4-way stretch made of cotton and elastane for a lightweight, ultra comfortable fit. Rounderbum’s cutting-edge padding is carefully made by patented manufacturing technology that is undetectable under clothing.

  • Key Highlights:
    • Free fall pouch for front to hang comfortably
    • V-shaped seam defines your glutes
    • Modern and low-cut design

BRODDLE’s Enhancing Boxer Briefs

If you’re looking for a little enhancements in front and the back, BRODDLE’s Enhancing Boxer Briefs covers both. These foam butt pads are breathable and anti-slips so your curves will stay in place all day long. They have a cotton and spandex blend fabric with a stretchy and elastic waistline for a compact but not suffocating fit.

  • Key Highlights:
    • Have removable, sofa foam-like pads
    • Soft and stretchable fabric for all-day comfort
    • Enhances your package and buttocks for a natural look Padded Enhancing Underwear

These cotton/spandex padded men’s underwear are designed with silicone pads to enhance the shape and volume of the buttocks. The briefs offer a secure fit and are made from a breathable, stretchy fabric blend, ensuring comfort and discretion. Silicone pads stay secured in fitted pockets and give a natural, lifted, bigger butt.

  • Key Highlights:
    • No visible lines seen through your pants
    • Realistic feel to the touch
    • Breathable, high-quality fabric from long-lasting wear

JOCKMAIL Mesh Underwear Boxer

These high quality padded underwear includes 3 removable sponge pads you can change regularly according to your needs, including one for front package padding. They come in an incredibly soft and breathable mesh material that are suitable for sports activity or daily wear. These boxer briefs provide natural lifting and a 360 rounder shape to the butt.

  • Key Highlights:
    • Removable, different-sized sponge pads for customization
    • Low rise cut, stretchy wide waistband
    • Enhances buttocks and package for a subtle boost in volume

TAILONG Boxer Briefs Tummy Control Shorts

If you’re looking for more full body sculpting, TAILONG’s Boxer Briefs Tummy Control Shorts provides high-waist belly control shapewear along with enhancing butt pads. The boxer briefs feature removable, high quality foam pads that offer a natural look and fit and a blend of nylon and spandex for stretchy, comfortable all-day wear.

  • Key Highlights:
    • Discreet pads lift and increase butt size
    • Comfortable and moisture wicking
    • Tightens fat at waist, giving additional lower back support

How To Wear Padded Underwear For Men

When it comes to choosing outfits for padded underwear for men, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. The goal is to create a well-balanced and flattering silhouette while maintaining comfort and discreteness. Here are some outfit ideas that work well with butt pads:


Padded Underwear For Men

Opt for jeans with a slim or straight leg cut when wearing butt pads for men. The snug fit of the jeans will accentuate the enhanced buttocks while providing a streamlined appearance. Avoid baggy or loose-fitting jeans as they may not showcase the desired effect.

Tailored Pants

Padded Underwear For Men

Choose well-fitted tailored pants that have a slight taper towards the ankle. This style of pants enhances the overall silhouette and complements the added volume from the butt pads. Stick to solid or subtle patterns to maintain a sophisticated look.


Padded Underwear For Men

For a more casual look, opt for shorts that fall just above the knee. Slim-fit or tailored shorts like hoochie daddy shorts or jorts will complement the enhanced buttocks. Choose lightweight fabrics such as cotton or linen for a comfortable and breathable feel.


Padded Underwear For Men

If you’re going for a sporty or athleisure look, choose fitted athletic pants, meggings, or shorts. These garments are designed to showcase body contours and will work well with butt pads. Pair them with a fitted T-shirt or hoodie for a stylish and athletic ensemble.

Remember, the key is to choose clothing that fits well and accentuates your enhanced figure without drawing unnecessary attention. Experiment with different styles and silhouettes to find what works best for your personal style and comfort level.

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