The Best Crease Protectors: How To Remove Creases Out Of Sneakers

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If you’re a sneakerhead, keeping your beloved kicks looking fresh and pristine is of utmost importance. Nothing ruins the crisp silhouette of a pair of sneakers faster than unsightly creases. That’s where crease protectors come into play, the secret weapon to preserving the original shape and condition of your sneakers.

What are Crease Protectors?


Crease protectors are shoe accessories designed to prevent creasing in the toe box area of sneakers. They’re typically made of flexible materials, such as silicone or durable plastics, and are shaped to fit inside a shoe, providing a shield against the natural bending and creasing that occurs during walking or general wear.

By keeping the toe box area smooth and wrinkle-free, crease protectors help maintain the sneaker’s original shape and keep them looking brand new. Crease protectors can last anywhere from a 3 months to 2 years, pending on their quality and usage.

Do Crease Protectors Actually Work?


The effectiveness of crease protectors has been a topic of debate among sneaker enthusiasts. However, the general consensus is that they do indeed work to minimize creasing and extend the life of your sneakers. Crease protectors act as a barrier, absorbing the pressure and friction that causes creases, thereby reducing the likelihood of permanent wrinkles. While they may not completely eliminate creases, they significantly reduce their visibility and prevent them from becoming deeply ingrained over time.

Do You Wear Crease Protectors While Walking?


If you’re wondering do you wear crease protectors while wearing shoes and walking around in them–you can, but not sure if you want to. While there is some debate over this topic in the sneaker community, it seems the general consensus leans towards no, crease protectors aren’t commonly worn while wearing shoes (although there are a small group of people who swear by it).

Some may only wear crease protectors for their most prized shoes or shoes that tend to easily crease in the toe box area like Dunks. Wearing crease protectors while walking can be highly uncomfortable and can make you go up a shoe size. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

It is recommended to keep a crease protector inside of the shoe while hanging on a shoe tree or when shelved to minimize creases and help maintain the shoe’s original silhouette.

The Best Crease Protectors

Sneaker Shields Universal Toe Box Decreaser

best crease protectors

The Sneaker Shields Universal Toe Box Decreaser is a popular choice among sneaker enthusiasts. Made of durable, flexible plastic, these crease protectors are designed to fit a wide range of shoe sizes and styles. They provide excellent toe box coverage and offer a sleek, low-profile design that won’t compromise comfort.

+Protect | Shoe Crease Protector Guards for Sneakers

The +Protect | Shoe Crease Protector Guards for Sneakers are built to keep your favorite shoes looking new and are made for Air Force 1s, Jordans, Dunks, and more. These crease protectors are designed to protect footwear with enhanced secure crease prevention in the toe box. It has an easy all-around one size fit for various types of shoes featuring adjustable sizing compatibility.

Sneak Geek 1 Pair Sneaker Crease Protectors

The Sneak Geek 1 Pair Sneaker Crease Protectors are a lightweight and breathable option that effectively guards against toe box creasing as well as restores the shape of old shoes. These protectors perfectly fits inside most shoes and are great for Air Force shoes and Jordans. They’re made with the perfect dimensions and are also adjustable so you will hardly notice them when wearing.

JdoMall Shoes Crease Toe Box Protector

The JdoMall Shoes Crease Toe Box Protector offer a premium solution to protect your sneakers from creases. These protectors are comfortable for all day wear, don’t move around, and contain 27 venting holes designed to keep the shoes dry and breathable. They also contain auxiliary cutting lines, allowing the guards to be trimmed for better fit.

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How to Remove Creases From Sneakers


Aside from wearing crease protectors in your shoe while wearing them or when they’re put away, there are a few other methods to get creases out of sneakers.

Stuffing and Reshaping: Start by removing the laces and stuffing the sneakers with crumpled newspaper or clean socks. This will help the sneakers hold their shape during the process. Pay particular attention to the area with creases. Ensure that the stuffing is tightly packed.

Damp Cloth and Iron: Moisten a clean cloth or towel, wring out any excess water, and place it over the creased area. Set your iron to a low or medium heat setting (avoid high heat to prevent damage). Gently press the iron on top of the damp cloth for a few seconds. Move the iron around the cloth, being careful not to keep it in one spot for too long. This method helps to steam and relax the material, making it easier to remove creases. Be cautious not to leave the iron on the shoes for too long, as excessive heat can cause damage.

Heat and Pressure Method: If the previous method doesn’t work, you can try using a hairdryer and your hands. Set your hairdryer to a high heat setting and aim it at the creased area while using your hands to massage and push out the creases. The combination of heat and pressure helps to reshape the material. Keep moving the hairdryer around and avoid overheating any one spot.

Crease Removal Products: There are specialized crease removal products available on the market. These products typically come in the form of creams or sprays that soften the material and make it easier to remove creases. Follow the instructions provided with the product for the best results.

Professional Sneaker Restoration Services: If you’re hesitant to try these methods yourself or have particularly valuable or delicate sneakers, you might consider taking them to a professional sneaker restoration service. These professionals have experience and specialized equipment to remove creases and restore the sneakers to their original condition.

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