The 6 Best Eyebrow Shapes for Men

eyebrow shapes for men

Eyebrows are often looked over when it comes to men’s grooming, but styled eyebrow shapes for men are an instant way to improve your looks. Even small changes like adding a bit of shape to your brows can change how your face appears and give you more of a polished look.

Eyebrows that compliment your face can make you look younger and draw attention to one of your best features– your eyes. Unruly, overgrown eyebrows will make you look old, unkempt, and sloppy. Add eyebrow maintenance into your regular grooming routine, and give your level of attractiveness a quick, easy boost. 

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Here Are The 6 Best Eyebrow Shapes For Men

1. The Natural Shape Eyebrow

eyebrow shapes for men
eyebrow shapes for men

Let’s start with the most basic eyebrow shape: the natural shape. This is ideal for guys who have thin to medium fullness in their brows and don’t want to add sharp lines or angles. To find your natural shape, simply let your eyebrows grow out until they reach their longest length. Then, use a fine-toothed comb to brush them up and trim any stray hairs outside of your desired shape.

Clean up the area above and below your eyebrows with tweezers when hair start to grow back. The look is low maintenance, but that doesn’t mean unkempt or messy.

2. The Straight Eyebrow

eyebrow shapes for men

eyebrow shapes for men

The straight eyebrow is exactly what it sounds like– eyebrows that are straight across your forehead, with no slant or arch. Straight eyebrows help give you more of a younger, boyish look and draws focus to your eyes. Rather than following your natural arch, this style extends straight out or slightly upward with there being no curve at the tail end. 

Start with the highest point of your inner eyebrow and remove the hair outside of the line shape. If your eyebrows naturally point down at the ends, pluck the downward facing hair off to create the straight line shape. If you have very thin eyebrow hair, you can use a dry eyebrow pencil to fill it in darker for the most natural, fuller look.

3. The Full, Bold Eyebrow

eyebrow shapes for men
eyebrow shapes for men

The full, bold brow is a bit similar to the straight brow but keeps the downward tail ends of the brow. This style is great at accentuating an angular face and gives you the smoldering, bedroom eyes look. Bold brows are thick and full with an angled tail that extends past the outer corner of the eye. 

To achieve this look, start by letting your eyebrows grow out until they reach their longest length. Then use tweezers to remove any strays and create more of the straight shape, keeping the tail ends pointing down. If your eyebrows don’t naturally point down at the ends you can create clean lines and sharp angles using a precise electric razor.

4. The Sculpted Shape Up Eyebrow

eyebrow shapes for men

If you want a more polished look without changing your natural shape too much, go for a sculpted, shape up eyebrow style. A sculpted shape up brow is pretty much your natural eyebrow shape cleaned up, and shaped with sharper, defined lines. Sculpted brows give off a more manicured, stylish look and go well with a sleek hairstyle.

Start by taking a fine-toothed comb to lightly brush against the grain of your brows while trimming away any strays outside of your desired shape. You can use a razor to help create more pronounced edges. The shape should follow your natural eyebrow pattern with more cleaned-up, defined edges and a sharper tail.

Finish by using tweezers to pluck any remaining hairs above and below the eyebrow shape. A polished look should be clean and shouldn’t have any strays outside of the brows. Waxing or threading may be best to achieve this look. 

5. The Arched Eyebrow

eyebrow shapes for men

The arched brow is good for guys who have a natural arch in their brow and those with round, oval, or heart shaped faces. Having an arched brow will help create the illusion of more angles on the face. It’ll also open up the eyes and give the face a longer, squarer appearance. 

To achieve this style, start by finding the highest point of your natural arch using a pencil or small makeup brush as a guide. The arch should be just above your outer cheekbone. Shave or pluck the hair underneath the arch of your brow that’s covering the brow bone.

Don’t take off too much hair or else it will look too thin and feminine. Remove enough hair so the arch is more pronounced but not where it’s curving up and thin.

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6. The Bushy Eyebrow

eyebrow shapes for men
eyebrow shapes for men

If you naturally have very full, thick eyebrows and enjoy them that way, the bushy brow style may work best for you. Bushy eyebrows can help accentuate your eyes and give your face an overall bolder, masculine look. They require low maintenance but should still have regular clean up to help keep their shape. 

When they are growing too long or uneven you can easily trim them with scissors. Be sure to clear away the stray hairs above and below the brow when the eyebrow starts losing its shape. It can be very easy to cross the line between a rugged, bushy brow and looking like an unkempt, Sasquatch.

If your eyebrows are on the thinner side and you want to have bushy brows, you can use an eyebrow brush or even an old toothbrush and comb the hair upwards. Finish off the look with an eyebrow gel (clear or tinted for darker brows) for a more polished, longer lasting look.

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Eyebrows are easy to maintain at home with just a mirror, a pair of tweezers, or an electric razor. If you are unsure of the best eyebrow shape for your face or can’t bear the pain of removing the hair yourself, you can always go to a professional to help you find the best shape. Most barber shops and beauty salons have someone in-house who can pluck, wax, or thread your eyebrows.

If you are shaping up your brows on your own, remember- when in doubt, err on the side of caution and take less off rather than too much. You can always go back for more if needed, as opposed to taking off too much and having to wait for them to grow back. Fortunately, it’s just hair and it will always grow back, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

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