How To Make New Friends With Other Men

how to make new friends with other men

Tips on how to make new friends with other men and build genuine connections.

Navigating the realm of adult friendships can often feel like an uphill battle. If you missed the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals during your studies, the workplace may seem like the only viable option.

However, spending most of your waking hours with co-workers can leave you craving a change of pace and a chance to build friendships beyond the confines of the office walls. 

how to make friends with other men

Let’s go over ways to expand your social circle and discover meaningful connections outside the workplace, making the seemingly impossible task of making friends as an adult.

Why It’s So Hard to Make Friends as an Adult

Before we dig into how to make new friends, let’s get to the bottom of why it’s so hard to make friends as an adult in the first place. Is it because everyone is just too busy? Maybe you feel you are boring or unlikable. The fact is, only 1 out of 4 men report having a close group of friends of 6 or more people, with a 15% of men having no friends at all.

how to make new friends with other men

Making friends as an adult can be challenging due to the combination of limited social opportunities, changing priorities and interests, being shy or having social anxiety, or just being in varying life stages. Additionally, many people already have well-established friend groups, making it harder for newcomers to integrate. Despite these obstacles, making friends as an adult is possible with proactive efforts and a willingness to embrace new experiences.

10 Tips For How To Make New Friends

how to make new friends with other men

1. Explore New Hobbies and Interests

To meet potential friends outside of work, step out of your comfort zone and explore new hobbies and interests. There may some sites in your town you’ve always wanted to see or activities like painting classes or adult arcades you’ve been wanting to check out. You’ll meet new people with the same interests while engaging in activities you genuinely enjoy, increasing the chances of meeting like-minded individuals who may also want a new friend.

2. Volunteer for a Cause

Volunteering not only benefits others, but it can also be a gateway to forming profound friendships. Look for local charities or organizations that align with your values and contribute your time and skills. Shared philanthropic endeavors create strong bonds among individuals working toward a common goal, providing an opportunity to meet empathetic and altruistic friends.

3. Social Sports Leagues

Look for social sports leagues that focus on fun and camaraderie rather than intense competition. Activities like kickball, dodgeball, bowling, or ultimate frisbee provide a relaxed environment to meet new people. It’s also common for guys to go out after games to grab a beer or get a bite to eat.

4. Attend Social Meetups

In many cities, social meetup groups cater to diverse interests and age groups. These gatherings provide a fantastic chance to meet individuals with similar hobbies or lifestyles. Websites and apps like Meetup and Eventbrite host a wide range of events, from sports activities and outdoor adventures to board game nights and cultural experiences.

5. Use Online Social Platforms

Harness the power of online platforms to make friends with other men beyond your immediate surroundings. Websites like Bumble BFF, Friender, or forums dedicated to your hobbies can help you connect with people who are also looking to expand their social circles. Remember to exercise caution and meet new people in public spaces initially.

6. Attend Health and Wellness Classes

Joining health and wellness classes, such as yoga, meditation, or group fitness sessions, not only promotes physical well-being but can also foster meaningful connections with some chill and positive people. Shared self-improvement journeys often lead to the development of authentic friendships.

7. Be a Regular at Local Hangouts

Frequenting local cafes, bars, or community centers can offer you the opportunity to interact with familiar faces and strike up conversations with regulars. These places often have a sense of community, making it easier to connect with others who share your interests. Once you become a familiar face, people will feel more open to engaging with you.

8. Group Travel or Adventure Trips

Consider joining group travel or adventure trips, where you’ll have the chance to bond with other travelers over shared experiences and exploration. Many of these trips have a light itinerary planned so you’ll always have a group to follow and there’s always a few other solo travelers.

9. Gaming or Comic Book Stores

If you’re a fan of gaming or comics, visit local gaming stores or comic book shops. There are usually other guys with similar interests hanging out or events hosted by these establishments like game nights or swaps.

10. Music Venues and Concerts

Attend music events, concerts, or open mic nights to meet fellow music enthusiasts. Nothing brings about more camaraderie than being fans of the same band. Music events often feature breaks between acts or intermissions, allowing ample time to mingle, exchange stories, and find common ground with fellow attendees.

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Other Tips For Making New Friends

how to make friends with other men

  • Be Approachable and Open:

    Exude positive body language and display an open attitude, signaling that you are receptive to forming new connections. A warm smile, good eye contact, and a friendly demeanor will encourage others to approach you.

  • Share Your Vulnerabilities:

    Contrary to popular belief, vulnerability is not a sign of weakness but rather a display of strength. Be willing to open up and share your feelings and experiences with others, as this can foster a sense of trust and understanding. When you show vulnerability, it encourages others to reciprocate, leading to more authentic connections.

  • Take The Initiative:

    While it can be an easy excuse to avoid hanging out due to busy schedules, sometimes all it takes is someone to take the lead when it comes to making plans. Call or text your friend if you haven’t hung out in a while whether it’s for a special occasion or just to catch up.

  • Be a Reliable Friend:

    Reliability is the cornerstone of any strong friendship. Show up when you say you will, be there for your friends in their times of need, and lend a helping hand when they require assistance. Trust is earned through consistent actions.

  • Be Supportive and Celebrate Success:

    Be genuinely happy for your friends when they achieve their goals or milestones. Offer words of encouragement and support during challenging times, and be there to celebrate the victories, no matter how big or small.

  • Practice Active Inclusivity:

    Inclusivity is crucial in forming diverse and enriching friendships. Be open to befriending men from different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. Embrace diversity and learn from each other’s unique perspectives.

Wrap Up

Building meaningful friendships with other men is an essential aspect of a fulfilling life. By embracing common interests, being approachable, practicing vulnerability, and supporting one another, you can meet new friends and foster genuine connections that withstand the test of time. Remember, true friendship is a two-way street. Be the friend you wish to have, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by a strong and supportive network of like-minded individuals who enrich your life in countless ways.

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